Student Ombudsperson

Students enrolled at Southwest who need help resolving a problem they are having at the college may seek help from the student ombudsperson. 

The student ombudsperson is appointed by the College President to:

  • Help students resolve college-related challenges and issues in accordance with applicable College policies and procedures,
  • Listen considerately and confidentially to students’ concerns and provide the necessary guidance to help them advocate on their own behalf to faculty and staff, and
  • Honor the College’s mission, vision and core values by providing exceptional service and fostering student success.

What the Student Ombudsperson will or will not do: 

  • Speak with a Southwest student regarding concerns
  • Offer guidance on how to address faculty and staff
  • Refer a student to the correct department(s)
  • Advise a student on how to schedule a meeting with the appropriate Southwest employee

  • Speak with parents or other individuals on behalf of a student
  • Consult faculty and staff for a student
  • Contact department(s) to address concerns for a student
  • Schedule a meeting for a student or attend the meeting

Southwest students should refer to the Southwest Student Handbook/Planner and the Southwest Policy Manual for a possible resolution to their issue before reaching out to the ombudsperson. After this, if more information is needed, students may request assistance from the student ombudsperson in the following ways: 

Contact Us