Reimagine Southwest online!

Reimagine Southwest

Southwest Tennessee Community College launched an all new homepage Aug. 1 that is designed with students in mind. The sleek, new design features crisp storytelling and intuitive navigation that whisks students to the information they need and want. 

The site is being overhauled by local advertising agency The Carter Malone Group, in partnership with MP&F Strategic Communications of Nashville, Tennessee.

The first phase of the redevelopment featured a revamped homepage and more than 20 new student-centric interior pages that focused on enrollment processes. Phase II began Aug. 1 and focuses on the redevelopment of pages that will focus on student support services and academic programs.

Southwest Vice President for External Relations Cynthia Graham says this new virtual front door represents the College’s commitment to continuous improvement and that it will be a living, breathing entity that will continue to evolve over time. “Members of the faculty and staff will be integrated into the creative process as the redesign progresses to ensure the site addresses the needs of every audience, office and function,” Graham said. “We are committed to a web presence that is an avenue, not a barrier. An opportunity, not an obstacle.  A path to discovery, rather than a challenge to overcome,” she added. “Our highest hope is that this site inspires every visitor to reimagine the possibilities, the future and Southwest.”