Tennessee Promise deadline for tuition-free college is November 2

For more information, contact: Diana Fedinec, Director of Public Relations and Media (901) 333-4247 dfedinec@southwest.tn.edu

Want to go to college tuition-free?  Southwest Tennessee Community College is here to help area high school students get ready for college during a special drive-in event Oct. 29 at the Macon Cove Campus. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

Financial Aid counselors will be on-hand to help high school seniors and their parents apply for the tuition-free Tennessee Promise scholarship ahead of the Nov. 2nd deadline. After Nov. 2nd,  students who have not applied for Tennessee Promise will be permanently ineligible for the scholarship.

Festivities also will include musical entertainment, packaged foods, Southwest swag and book scholarship drawings.  Mask-wearing and social distancing is required.

“Applying to college is a stressful time and the pandemic has only increased the reluctance of many students to consider attending college,” said Dr. Shanita Brown, Assistant Vice-President of Enrollment. “Southwest is easing the trepidation of students with supportive events like these and accommodating them with laptops, WiFi hot spots, flexible, short-term classes and more to help make their academic journey a success.”

The Drive-In to Your Future event is Oct. 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the Macon Cove Campus at 5983 Macon Cove Road, Memphis, TN  38134.

For details, visit Southwest online at www.southwest.tn.edu.