Mid-South Executive Is Honored at Prestigious Global Quality Award Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Executive Director/CEO of the Mid-South Quality/Productivity Center Donald C. Fisher, Ph.D., represented the Malcolm Baldrige National Award for Performance Excellence, recently, at the Global Quality Award Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – the seat for the UAE government and the home of the country's president. Hosted by the Abu Dhabi Chamber for the Middle East, the conference had representation from the Kingdom of Jordan; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi; Dubai, UAE; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Russia; New Zealand; Singapore; Brussels; India; and the United States.

"This was a great honor to be invited to this most prestigious Global Quality Award Conference and to be invited to attend the award ceremony, where the Crown Prince of the UAE resides, to give out award trophies to winning organizations, at their National Quality Awards Ceremony, during the evening of the last day of the conference," Dr. Fisher commented.

As a board member for the Alliance for Performance Excellence, which oversees 37 state, regional, and local Baldrige-based awards, located throughout the United States, Fisher represented national efforts to promote the Baldrige Enterprise World-wide. "I was able to share information on how the Baldrige Quality principles would help to make the Middle Eastern region of the world a more sustainable business partner that would help support the overall world economy," said Fisher.

Over the course of the two-day conference, business excellence award winners from the Middle East region were invited to share their best global practices. In addition, Quality Award administrators of national awards from Europe, the United States, Singapore, and India stated how their frameworks are shaping the world.

MSQPC is a partnership of the Greater Memphis Chamber and Southwest Tennessee Community College.


Photo caption: Dr. Donald Fisher gives a synopsis of the Baldrige-based Quality Cup Awards at the Global Quality Award Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE.