Mentee Testimonials

Being able to have a mentor is a blessing. I state this because my mentor can be my eyes in blind spots and help me focus. I'm better with one than without one! I would like to be a mentor one day also

- Mentee Ronnie Jackson

I really appreciate this great opportunity. It helps to have a support system when encountering the daily stresses of school, single motherhood, having a disabled child, seeking employment, and other obligations ... I also confided in my mentor about personal goals; she listened then replied "You can do it, just try and stay focused." Having a mentor is a great life altering experience!

- Mentee Stephanie McAtee

My mentor has not only helped me with school related issues but personally as well. It's because of [my mentor] I am stronger in my life. I am also more confident and self-motivated. She has made me more excited to keep going in school and to do my best at any time. I am now excited to keep my grades up so I can attend University of Memphis.

- Mentee Latrissa Moore

To me, mentors are supposed to exemplify great leadership abilities and be an inspiring role model. Both of those qualities have been presented to me through my mentor. I have been given the motivation and knowledge that it takes to succeed in life. I have discovered new key values and morals. I am proud to be a faster thinker, better organized, and more goal-oriented. We all have an essence of intelligence but sometimes choose to conceal it ... I no longer fit under that category.

- Mentee Artero Robertson, Jr.

The relationship between my mentor and me has a great impact on my life. She tells me how to make my writing vivid and interesting, thus, supporting me throughout the experience of my writing course. Also, she encourages me to take steps toward the career I desire. If I need help, she is there for me.

- Mentee Bayubahe Sikora

Today I had the great honor to shadow a great woman [my mentor] ... I was introduced to a new side of Southwest that I had previously taken for granted.I use multimedia technology each day in class and never gave a second thought about what it takes to get it into the classrooms. This shadowing experience made me realize that there are many people working behind the scenes that make it possible for me to be a student. In order to be a productive student, we need to have technology at our fingertips. And today I was introduced to the team that makes it all possible.

- Mentee Latasha Wakefield


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