Traffic and Parking Regulations


The entry, operation and control of motor vehicles on Southwest property is authorized and directed by the President of the college, who may exercise such control as deemed necessary.

The Director of Police Services/Public Safety is responsible for the enforcement of this code. The Director of Police Services/Public Safety may exclude or remove from the campus any vehicle used as an instrument in a crime, suspected of being stolen, abandoned or mechanically unfit, operated by a person under the apparent influence of intoxicants, or one that has not been properly registered in accordance with this code. While the state of Tennessee and Southwest have no legal responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle operated or parked on a college facility, there is a moral concern for the safety of such vehicles.

If a vehicle and/or its contents are stolen or damaged in any way while on college property, this information should be immediately reported to the Police Services/Public Safety office. Police Services/Public Safety will offer assistance in processing reports and/or claims to the appropriate agencies.


Parking Regulations

Parking regulations are enforced twenty-four (24) hours daily, seven (7) days a week. An orange warning sticker is utilized to enhance parking enforcement. Violators of a parking policy or procedure may receive a citation or warning sticker.

The costs associated with parking citations have been approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. A list of the costs can be found on the Financial and Administrative Services webpage, as well as in the College’s policy on traffic and parking regulations, 6:05:00:00/18.


Any person registered in a course offered by the college.
Any non-student employed by the college.
Any person on official business with, or present as a guest of, the college or its employees.
Parking Area
Areas so designated by Southwest for the parking of vehicles.
All areas falling within the jurisdiction of the college.
Parking/Registration Permit
The official vehicle registration authorization, which is a hanging-type permit. It is designed to be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror. Note: If your Parking/Registration Permit is lost, stolen, or damaged it may be replaced for $5, payable at the Cashier's Office.
Revocation or Suspension of On-Campus Driving Privilege
The withdrawal of an individual's privilege to park or operate a vehicle on campus.


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