Emergency Phone Locations

Red Emergency Phones

Red emergency phones are located in all buildings and automatically ring Police Services/Public Safety when the receiver is picked up. These phones are attached to the wall with emergency phone signs near them.

Blue Light Emergency Phones

Blue light emergency phones are strategically located throughout the parking areas of the Macon Cove and Union Avenue Campuses. These phones are wired directly to the communications centers and will be video monitored 24/7. The basic operation of the phone is not complicated and they are extremely user friendly.

For safety purposes, faculty, staff and students should become familiar with the blue light emergency phone locations on the Macon Cove and Union Avenue Campuses.

Macon Cove Campus Locations
Academic Student Parking Lot Lane 1
Academic Student Parking Lot Lane 24
Butler Parking Lot 1
Lot B Lane 2
Lot B Lane 8
Lot B Lane 9
Lot C Lane 3
Lot D Lane 12
Lot D Lane 5
Lot D Lane 8
Whitehead Parking Lot 6
Union Avenue Campus Locations
U-1 Allied Health
U-2 Lot 9
U-3 Lot 10
U-4 Nursing
U-5 Childcare
U-6 Myrtle
U-7 Cafeteria
Maxine Smith Locations
Whitehaven Locations
Tower WC-#1
Tower WC-#2
Tower WC-#3
Tower WC-#4
Wall Mount-#5

To use the phones, depress the "talk" button on the blue phone box to connect directly to the Southwest police services/public safety dispatcher. Speak clearly; do not yell, and give the following information: your name, your location and the nature of your emergency. Stay on the line with the dispatcher until the Police Services/Public Safety officer arrives, and be ready to give the dispatcher any further required information.


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