Non-Credit Courses

Non-credit courses include seminars, workshops, and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) classes. Fees for these non-credit courses are established individually for each class and are in addition to fees for credit classes. Fees for these classes are due at the time of registration. Students failing to pay will be removed from the class.

Audited Course Fees

Students who audit regular credit courses pay the same fees as those enrolling for credit. Senior citizens and disabled students may audit regular credit classes at a reduced rate during the late registration period only. Senior citizens and disabled students registering before late registration must pay the regular per credit hour rate.

Fee/Charge Amount
ACT Residual Fee $35
Application Fee $0
Application/Processing Fee (International Students) $30
Campus Access Fee Faculty/Staff (Annual Fee) $45
Campus Access Fee Student (Per Term Fee) $17
Campus Child Care Fee  
CLEP Registration Fee $25
Correspondence Exam (Non Student) $15
Credit by Exam Fee $15
Deferred Payment Plan Late Charge $25
Deferred Payment Plan Service Fee $10
ID Replacement Fee $5
International Education Fee (Per Term) $15
Returned Check Charge $30
Student Activity Fee $15

Fee/Charge Amount
Food Preparation $35
Foundations of Nursing $15
Adult Health Nursing I $15
Adult Health Nursing II $15
Quantity Cookery $40
Catering/Special Food Services $40
Late Registration Fee $10

(For Individual 30-Minute Lessons)

Fee/Charge Amount
One Per Week $45
Two Per Week (Same Medium) $55
Two Per Week (Different Medium) $60

(National League of Nursing Charges)

Fee/Charge Amount
Program Fees $30 per credit hour
NLN Pre-Exam $70
NLN Achievement Exam $11
Malpractice Insurance Charge $14.50
EMT Malpractice Insurance Charge $14.50
Health Occupational Test Charge $25
HESI Comprehensive Exit Exam $19
HESI Adult Health Nursing I Customized Exam $20
MLT Malpractice Insurance $14.50
Paramedic Pre-Exam $25
Testing for Adult Education (TABE) $10

Fee/Charge Amount
1 to 6 Credit Hours $18/Credit Hour
7 or More Credit Hours $112.50/Per Term


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