Facility Usage and Rental

The campus and facilities of Southwest Tennessee Community College are restricted to students, faculty, staff, guests and invitees of the college, except when part or all of the campus, its buildings, or facilities are open to the general public for a designated time and purpose.

Regular or special meetings of student organizations affiliated with the College may be planned and scheduled according to Southwest Southwest Use of Campus Property and Facilities Policy No. 6:03:02:50/17 Policy. All other gatherings at a central location on campus property which are sponsored or instigated by affiliated groups, organizations or individuals may be permitted without prior registration only at such times and locations as may be designated by the Building Activities Supervisor.

Any affiliated group, organization or individual desiring to use campus property or facilities at any time, and/or location other than those designated in the paragraph above, and all non-affiliated groups, organizations or individuals desiring use of campus property or facilities must submit a written application for registration of the proposed activity at least fourteen (14) days in advance (excluding weekends and holidays) to the Building Activities Supervisor; however, the President may approve applications for registration filed at a later time upon determination that the use of property requested can be reasonably accommodated and that adequate cause exists for late filing of the application for registration. Approval of late applications shall be within the sole discretion of the President and the decision is final.

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