Rave Guardian

Who's watching your back?

Southwest’s Police Services and Public Safety has added another layer of campus safety for students, faculty and staff with Rave Guardian, a mobile app designed to never let you walk alone. The app is a virtual safe-walking device with campus public safety officials acting as your virtual guardians while you walk or travel around campus until you reach your destination. You can also add family and friends to watch over you until you arrive at home.

Rave Guardian can be used for emergency and non-emergency situations. It allows you to engage with campus safety officials during an emergency with a pre-programmed call button and provides links to college resources and a campus directory.

To voluntarily opt-in to use the app, simply download it from the Apple App Store or through Google Play.  The app is free to users with an active Southwest account. (Visiting guests cannot use the app).

Rave Guardian

Sign-up in 5 easy steps:

  1. Add the Rave Guardian App to your cell phone.
  2. Input your destination.
  3. Set the duration of your walk/travel.
  4. Start the timer.
  5. Your contacts will get a text and can select to monitor the timer session without the use of an app.

For more info about the installation of the RAVE Guardian App, see our instruction guide.


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