Is Dual Enrollment For Me?

Yes, if you ...

  • are a junior or senior in a local public high school or a qualified private or home-school program (exceptional sophomores may also be eligible with approval)
  • meet college readiness standards based on your ACT and high school Grade Point Average (GPA)

You should also be prepared to take on advanced coursework. College-level courses are more demanding and require more work than most courses you take in high school. The grades you receive will become a permanent part of your college academic record.

Enrollment Options

Students in the Southwest Dual Enrollment program have two enrollment options:

Our college-based Dual Enrollment Program enables students to take college courses at Southwest. High school students taking college classes at one of our locations experience the feeling of being at college and in a college classroom environment. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from class.

Our high school-based Dual Enrollment Program enables students to take college courses at their high school. Southwest has partner agreements with various area high schools who offer college courses on their high school campuses. This option is only available if enough students are interested in taking part in the same college course, so recruit your classmates. This is often the most convenient for the students and parents.


Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Enriches the course opportunities for outstanding high school students
  • Shortens the time to attain a college degree
  • Saves students and parents money
  • Provides students with college credit
  • Earns grades that will become part of the student's permanent college transcript

How to Get Started

Follow the Dual Enrollment Student Checklist to get started on your college education.

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