Frequently Asked Questions

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Counseling is a service offered to help indiviuals achieve emotional wellness.

Typically, students discuss personal concerns that are currently affecting them with staff. Department staff maintain high priority towards student's confidentiality, as well as a nonjudgmental demeanor.

All current students are eligible for services.

No. Our services are free of charge.

Our Mental Health Counselor and Social Services Coordinator travel to all Southwest campuses upon request.

Depression can take shape in many forms, however the most widespread symptoms of depression include: changes in sleep pattern, little interest in activities and sometimes thoughts of suicide. If you believe you're experiencing depression, please reach out to our office for help.

No. Unless you give consent for the office to contact any additional individuals, your services are kept private and confidential.

Seeing loved ones experience a crisis or hardship is very difficult. To assist loved ones, it is important to encourage them to reach out to a mental health professional for help.

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