How to Request Funds

The Saluqi Activity Council (SAC) will review all funding requests

The Saluqi Activity Council (SAC) will be comprised of two (2) Student Development advisors and 1 member from each club and/or organization (club). Each club advisor will select their representative for SAC. SAC’s job is to evaluate the funding request, check for good standing, and make a decision of yes or no regarding funding requests. A quorum will not be required. A vote of approval for a club’s request will consist of a 50% plus 1 vote of those SAC members who are present. SAC will meet 2 times a year; the third Friday in September, and February from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The location will rotate between the Macon Cove and Union Avenue campuses. Clubs must reserve an appointment during this time to present their proposal to SAC. Appointments will be available in increments of 30 minutes, however, clubs will only have 15 minutes to present. Clubs will be notified of a decision within 48 business hours.

Each club/organization, in good standing, will receive $250.00 as seed money in September and February. Requirements for clubs/organizations in good standing:

  • The club hosts at least one event on campus per semester.
  • The club must participate or provide literature at each Club Day.
  • One person from each club attends the Southwest Student Leadership Institute (SLI).
  • The club participates in at least one community service project.
  • The club submits one question to for the Pizza with the President forum.
  • The club advisor must complete the Annual Club Report.

  • Destination
  • Dates
  • Conference brochure
  • Hotel confirmation numbers (if possible)
  • Mode of travel (car, state vehicle, bus, etc.)
  • List of students and faculty/staff traveling

All requests for travel that occur annually must be submitted by the beginning of the semester.

All other travel/activities must be submitted at least two months in advance.


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