Online Tutoring

Online tutoring with Southwest tutors is available through Slate. Please select “Online Appointment” for the location.

Each session is a 45-minute appointment through Microsoft Teams with a Southwest tutor. You will receive a Teams invitation on the day of your appointment in your email, though the invitation may come sooner. If you have any issues, please contact an ASC location.


NetTutor is a free, online tutoring service that provides one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions with a tutor. You "drop in" when you need tutoring without an appointment, but appointments are also available. The Question Center is another helpful resource that allows you to post a question and receive an answer within 24 hours. Importantly, Southwest Tutors and NetTutors are not the same.

In order to receive online tutoring resources, students must complete the following steps.

Step 1: Sign into PAWS and select one of your courses.

Step 2: In the upper-right corner, under "Self-Registration Courses," select the blue "self-register" link and wait for the next Web page to load.

Step 3: When the Web page loads, select the following to be enrolled in online tutoring resources.

  • NetTutor
  • ASC Math Workshop

Step 4: You are now able to receive online tutoring resources.

Remember: If you want to continue working with a Southwest Tutor, you will need to make an appointment through Slate.

More help

Online tutoring resources that assist with reading, writing and more are currently available for the following courses:

  • MATH 0100 Support Course for Essentials of Algebra
  • MATH 1010 Math for General Studies
  • MATH 0410 Support Course for Math for Elementary Education I
  • MATH 0530 Support Course for Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 0630 Support Course for Finite Mathematics
  • MATH 1000 Essentials of Algebra
  • MATH 1410 Math for Elementary Education I
  • MATH 1420 Math for Elementary Education II
  • MATH 1530 Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 1630 Finite Mathematics
  • MATH 1710 Pre-Calculus I
  • MATH 1720 Pre-Calculus II
  • MATH 1830 Calculus
  • MATH 1910 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

  • ENGL 1001 English as a Second Language I
  • ENGL 1002 English as a Second Language II
  • ENGL 1002 English as a Second Language III
  • ENGL 1010 English Composition I
  • ENGL 1020 English Composition II
  • ENGL 2110 American Literature I
  • ENGL 2120 American Literature II
  • ENGL 2130 Contemporary American Literature
  • ENGL 2210 British Literature I
  • ENGL 2220 British Literature II
  • ENGL 2310 World Literature I
  • ENGL 2320 World Literature II
  • ENGL 2340 World Fiction
  • ENGL 2650 African-American Literature

  • HIST 2010 The United States History to 1877
  • HIST 2020 The United States History from 1877

*Spanish availability is limited. Feedback on Spanish requests will need an additional 24-48 hours.

  • SPAN 1000 Spanish Special Purpose*
  • SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I*
  • SPAN 1020 Elementary Spanish II*
  • SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I*
  • SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II*
  • SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Communication