Program Advantages

Why should you pursue an Engineering Technology (ENTC) Certificate?

  • Unlike certificates in private technical schools, the Southwest Engineering Technology (ENTC) certificates are approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents. This approval facilitates the transfer of credit to colleges and universities throughout Tennessee and to educational institutions in other states.
  • ENTC Certificates only require 4 to 6 courses compared to 20-22 courses required for an associate degree to prepare for an entry-level, high-tech job in industry.
  • The tuition for ENTC Certificates cost approximately 70 to 80 percent less than a two-year associate degree and substantially less than high-priced certificates from private technical schools.
  • ENTC Certificates provide a seamless transfer of course credits from high school to the certificates, to the associate degree programs, and many courses transfer to the bachelor's degree level. The certificates from private schools do not have this feature. Additionally, certificates give students the credentials to get an entry-level, high-tech job in their chosen field, enabling them to gain valuable work experience while continuing their education. Furthermore, courses in the Engineering Technology Certificate programs transfer to the Engineering Technology associate degree programs which also have many courses that transfer to the university level. Employers of graduates with ENTC Certificates may pay some or all of the costs to obtain an appropriate ENTC associate degree.
  • In addition to the transfer of courses, the ENTC Certificates benefit students seeking an ENTC associate degree in other ways. The course work in ENTC Certificates previews and prepares students for topics covered in ENTC associate degree courses. Graduates of ENTC Certificate programs will be eligible for the Cooperative Education Program, scholarships, and other financial assistance available at Southwest.
  • Since the Certificates emphasize basic high-tech skills and hands-on applications using state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment and software, graduates acquire skills applicable to a broad range of industries and job opportunities.
  • Considering the costs of ENTC Certificates, the time to obtain them, and the starting salaries of graduates, earning a Certificate is a wise step in a career building plan.
  • The ENTC Certificate programs provide an avenue for obtaining an industry-endorsed professional certification.


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