Dual Enrollment Student Checklist

Are you are a current high school student (grades 9–12) wanting to take college level courses? Follow the checklist below to become a new Saluqi.

Most required documents can be uploaded to the Admissions Documents/Forms Upload page. You will use your student portal login or create an account to upload documents. Transcripts loaded here will be considered official. Schools can submit transcripts to the Dual Enrollment Office.

  1. Click on My.Southwest (located in the top nav bar of every Southwest webpage).
  2. In the Secure Access Login box, choose “First Time Users.”
  3. Enter the correct information in the boxes.
  4. Your username will appear, example: “jsmith” or “jsmith2”
  5. To set up your Southwest Student Account, follow the directions and create a password. Keep your password in a secure location.
  6. To access your student account, repeat step 1 and enter your username and password to log in.

If you need technical help, call the Help Desk at 901-333-4357 (HELP).

Speak with your high school guidance counselor and your parents about the Dual Enrollment Program. Your high school will need to give permission for you to take part in the program

    1. Students will complete the Dual Enrollment application online. 


    The application includes the Participation Agreement and handbook acknowledgment (First-time dual enrollment students).

    1. Parents will complete the Parent portion of the Participation Agreement, Immunization Health History form and Acknowledgement of the Student/Parent Handbook using DocuSign. Signed documents will come directly to the Dual Enrollment Office.

    Dual Enrollment Electronic Forms

    1. Each School (including umbrella home schools) will submit:
    • High school transcripts with GPA and ACT scores if available (for first-time dual enrollment students).
    • The Course Data Form must be completed by the school. This form shows the course requested by the school and gives details about student(s) who plan to register for the course. Required information includes the students' names, date of birth, social security numbers, CRN of the class and an authorized signature from the school giving permission for the student(s) to be registered in the course. Without the Course Data Form students will not be registered for classes.

           Schools should email transcripts, test results and forms to dualenrollment@southwest.tn.edu.

Request a high school transcript. You or the school can send it to the Dual Enrollment Office.

Note: The transcript can be uploaded here or emailed to the dual enrollment coordinator (dualenrollment@southwest.tn.edu). The transcript will need to be submitted for admissions purposes only.

According to TBR policy dual enrolled students who have high school GPAs of 2.80-3.59 and no other assessment scores shall be allowed to enroll in college-level courses upon recommendation of the student by their high school. This will allow dual enrollment students to forgo/waive learning support courses if they have at least a 2.8 High School G.P.A, and recommendation from high school. Alternatively, they may be placed in college-level courses with the minimum ACT scores listed below.

Subject Area ACT*
Writing 18
Reading 19
Mathematics 19


To be considered for the dual enrollment grant, all 11th and 12th grade dual enrollment students must complete the TSAC Dual Enrollment Grant Application. To learn more, contact Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (tn.gov/collegepays).

All new students will receive the Dual Enrollment Handbook. It has important information about grades, withdrawal dates, parking and more.

Academic advising is required by your high school guidance counselor. The counselor will tell you which classes you are permitted to take. If you are a home school student, you need to contact the home school head office for advising. If you have questions, please contact the dual enrollment coordinator.

After you have talked to your guidance counselor, your school will add the CRN code(s) of the class(es) you would like to take on the Course Data Form and submit them to our office. The course schedule for each term can be found on the Interactive Course Schedule. The Dual Enrollment Office will register you for classes.

Students needing disability assistance should visit the Center for Access webpage.

Please tell the Dual Enrollment Coordinator if you have special needs so we can connect you for services.

If you are not eligible for the dual enrollment grant, click here to see other Payment Options.

Once you have finalized registration, secure your Southwest Student Identification (ID) Card in Student Development.

Obtain a required Parking Hang Tag from the office of Police Services/Public Safety.

Print a "Student Detail Schedule" from your My.Southwest student account and take it to the bookstore or purchase books online at eFollett.

TN eCampus degree students should visit the Southwest TN eCampus or TN eCampus bookstore for course and book information.

The "Student Detail Schedule" contains the time and location of your classes. For more help, view How to Read the Schedule. Students are expected to attend all classes.

Questions? Call the Dual Enrollment Office at 901-333-4251.

Last updated: October 6, 2020