Substance Abuse Counseling Technical Certificate

Academic Map

Academic Roadmap


Course Notes Credits mc
HSER 1450 
Orientation to Function
of Subs Abuse CounselorSuccessive Courses
HSER 1700
Adult DevelopmentSuccessive Courses
HSER 1500
Counseling Theories
HSER 1820 
The Skilled Helper: Techniques & Strategies
HSER 1510 
Principles of Substance Abuse Education
Semester Credits    15  


Course Notes Credits mc
HSER 1520
Methods of Subs Abuse TreatmentSuccessive Courses
 Prereq: HSER 1500 3
HSER 1850 
Group Facilitation SkillsSuccessive Courses
 Prereq: HSER 1820 3
HSER 1550
Ethics for Subs Abuse Counselor
Semester Credits   9  


To stay on track, these courses must be taken in order.




General Advising Notes

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This program is not designed to transfer.

General Advising Notes

Students completing this program, including the recommended elective, will earn 100 percent of the education hours required by the State of Tennessee for state licensure as a substance abuse counselor. This training program does not include the state's required work experience component for licensure. Becoming a state licensed substance abuse counselor greatly enhances career opportunities in this field. This training program has been approved for counselor licensure credit by the Tennessee Alcohol and Drug  Credentialing Board. 

TN Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
To contact the Board, call 615-741-5735 local or 1-800-778-4123 nationwide
665 Mainstream Drive, 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

ENGL1010 and ENGL 0810
ACAD 1100 and READ 0810
MATH 1530 and MATH 0530


Milestone Courses

Based on prior students experiences, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program

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