Quality Assurance Supervision Technical Certificate

Academic Map

Academic Roadmap


Course Notes Credits mc
BUSN 1307
Intro to Quality
 Fall only-evening  3
BUSN 2310 
Business Statistics
 Online only  3
BUSN 2336
Strategic Planning
 Fall only-evening  3
Semester Credits    9  


Course Notes Credits mc
BUSN 2319 
Supply Chain Management
 Spring only- online 3
BUSN 2338
Project Management
 Spring only-evening 3
BUSN 2332
Managing for Quality
 Spring only-evening 3
Semester Credits   9  


To stay on track, these courses must be taken in order.




General Advising Notes

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This program is not designed to transfer.

General Advising Notes

 These courses apply towards the AAS Business- Management.

Milestone Courses

Based on prior students’ experience, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program

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