Basic Electronics Technician Technical Certificate

Academic Map

Academic Roadmap


Course Notes Credits mc
ETEC 1113
Electronic Test Equipment
 Fall Only  3
ETEC 1011
DC / AC ElectronicsSuccessive Courses
 Fall Only  4
ETEC 1031
Digital Circuits I
Semester Credits    11  


Course Notes Credits mc
ETEC 2302
Miniature Component Repair
 IPC J-STD 001 
Cert Ready
ETEC 1021 
Solid State Devices & LabSuccessive Courses
 Prereq: ETEC 1011
Spring Only
Technical ElectiveSuccessive Courses
 See Notes 3
Semester Credits   10  


To stay on track, these courses must be taken in order.




General Advising Notes

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This program is designed to transfer.

General Advising Notes

Technical Electives:
CENT 1310, CENT 2340, CITC 1320, CITC 1323, EETC 2331, ENST 1313

NOTE: Program Coordinator may approve other technical electives.

ENGL1010 and ENGL0810
ACAD1100 and READ0810
MATH0530 and MATH1530

You can continue your education in this field by applying these courses to the AAS degree.

Milestone Courses

Based on prior students’ experience, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program

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