Graphic Arts Technology, AAS

Academic Map

Academic Roadmap


Course Notes Credits mc
GART 1000
Intro to Graphic ArtsSuccessive Courses
 Must take in 1st semester  3 Milestone Course
GART 1002 Typography  Online/No prerequisite  3
GART 1004
2-D Layout & Design
 No prerequisite  3
ART 1045
Drawing I
 No prerequisite  3
ENGL 1010 English Comp I   3
Semester Credits      


Course Notes Credits mc
 GART 1040
Pixel Imagining ISuccessive Courses
 Prereq: GART 1000 4 Milestone Course
GART 1060
Graphic Arts Term.
 Online/ No prerequisite 3
 GART 1070
Vector Illustration ISuccessive Courses
 Prereq: GART 1000 3 Milestone Course
GART 1005
Creativity and Idea Development
GART 1080 Print Production ISuccessive Courses  Prereq: GART 1000 Only offered in Spring 3 Milestone Course
Semester Credits    15  


Course Notes Credits mc
GART 2040
Pixel Imagining II
 Prereq: GART 1040  4
GART 2070 Vector Illustration II  Prereq: GART 1070
Only offered in Fall
GART 2080
Print Production II
GART 1040
GART 1070
GART 1080
 COMM 2025 Fund of Comm  Prereq: ENGL 0810/READ 0810  3
Natural Science or Math
   3 or 4
Semester Credits    15  


Course Notes Credits mc
GART 1200
Digital Photography
  4 Milestone Course
GART 2530  Portfolio Practicum  Only offered in Spring
*See General Advising Notes*
3 Milestone Course
PICK ONE: GART Elective  *See General Advising Notes* 3
Humanities/Fine Arts 
 PICK ONE: Social/Behavioral Sciences    3
PICK ONE: Humanities/Fine Arts   3
Semester Credits   15  


To stay on track, these courses must be taken in order.




General Advising Notes

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This program is not designed to transfer.

General Advising Notes

This program is designed to prepare graduates for the print production industry.

*Prereqs for GART 2099:
GART 1060, GART 1070, GART 1080 and GART 2040

*GART Electives
GART 1200 Digital Photography
GART 2512 Publishing on the Internet
GART 2500 Intro to Multimedia
GART 2516 Video Editing I
GART 2520 3D Modeling

You must take classes as indicated in the Fall and Spring semesters. If you do not it could lengthen the time to complete your degree as much as a year.

ENGL 1010 and ENGL 0810
ACAD 1100 and READ 0810
MATH 1530 and MATH 0530

Milestone Courses

Based on prior students’ experience, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program.

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